Call Center MegaFon in Penza

    The other day I had a chance to go to the city of Penza to visit the MegaFon call center. Data center in Samara, many could look up and down in a recent "iron" review. Today I propose to move away from the server theme. Let's look at people whose voice can be heard by calling the support number.

    So, arrival in the city and immediately go to the object. The building reminds me a bit of the data center ... Well, a bit ...

    We arrived at one of the last. In the conference hall, participants of the excursion from other regions were already waiting for us (five regions of the Volga region gathered in total). A little acquaintance, a light lunch and let's go! ..

    Do you also like server rooms, just like me? .. Great! It is about them that I will not tell anything. Despite the fact that this is a call center, there are also racks and other things from the data center, except in small numbers. For some reason, they forbade us to shoot them, although the camera visited the data center even under raised floors ...

    I'll start with the Smart Home system, which is often talked about now. The whole building is fully powered by this. Water, gas and electricity meters, as well as ventilation, are all connected into a single system, which is controlled by the system.

    A small introductory lecture in front of the entrance to the main hall. They talk about the number of employees, answer tricky questions and much more.

    At the moment, more than 700 people work in the call center, most of which are day and night shifts. Specialists process about 40 thousand subscription calls per day. On average, a consultant serves 250 subscribers in one day.

    By the way, all official sites on the Volga social networks are served right there. We even found one of these workers - he sits in VKontakte all day and monitors official groups.

    On the way we came across a rest room. We all understand that such a job is very tiring. Try to sit the whole working day (albeit with short “breaks”), constantly communicating with subscribers. To do this, there is a massage chair and a large TV.

    Another room - there are training. Speaking of work. Get settled here, can even students of the 4th and 5th courses. After passing a mandatory interview and internship, of course.

    In any company, clear rules and work are the key to success.

    So they came. Here is the "work of the tongue." Do not think that is all. There are many such premises on the floor and all of them are divided into groups.

    Posting quotes from various figures across the floor is a great idea! Indeed, after reading a couple, I immediately cheered up.

    Even when entering the restroom, don’t forget about the customers ...

    A typical workplace: a computer, a telephone and headphones with a microphone.

    We were allowed to listen to some conversations. Someone took the opportunity ... Naturally, such conversations are very confidential, so only a few were allowed to listen: problems with setting up the Internet, etc.

    Remember, at first I talked about the Smart Home system? Here is an office in which monitoring and control takes place. On each floor and in every room there are various sensors. If the window is open, this can be easily tracked on the monitor.

    There is a dining room. Fully equipped and well fed.

    On this delicious note, I end my story. Perhaps, I forgot something, I made a mistake - correct it.

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