Gartner predicts mouse death

    Analysts from Gartner , recalling that in 2008 the coordinate graphic manipulator (just a mouse in everyday life) turned 40 years old, decided to mark this event in a somewhat strange way. Predicting the imminent disappearance of the tailed device from our desktops. Gartner believes that within 3-5 years the mouse will be completely supplanted by PC users with new input devices.

    The mouse is said to be replaced by computer mechanisms for recognizing gestures and facial expressions, as well as touch screens. The forecast, it seems, was not made from scratch: expert Steve Prentice justifies it by observing changes in user interfaces, for example, televisions that can recognize gestures and the capabilities of cameras that fix the position of a person’s face.

    At the same time, Logitech representatives strongly disagree with Gartner. According to Logitech vice president Rory Dooley, the world's most convenient manipulator will never (!) Be able to replace any new interaction devices. “Devices that ultimately change our lives will not reduce the value and convenience of the mouse,” Dooley notes.

    Personally, it seems to me that Gartner really hastened with forecasts. Despite attempts by some companies (take Microsoft, for example) to popularize new interaction interfaces, the mouse still remains one of the most convenient and, what to say, familiar controls.

    What do you think about this?

    via gizmodo

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