Pickup or how to become a macho man in a couple of weeks.

    Increasingly, I begin to notice advertisements for pick-up studios. They grow like mushrooms, even walking along the street you can already see the products of these studios.

    Seduce the girl of your dreams.

    Learn to seduce women.

    Take anyone to bed.

    I would go to pickups, let them teach me

    First you need to decide who goes there. Well, everything is simple, there go young people who lack female communication. Well, or which, in their opinion, are deprived of female attention. For reasons of some complexes, maybe shyness or self-doubt, one way or another they are not satisfied with this state of affairs and they go to such pick-up groups.

    Is it good or bad?

    When my tooth hurts, I go to the dentist. Usually this is a trusted dentist whose professionalism I am sure. If I suddenly am in a foreign city and my tooth aches, I don’t even know the dentist who will treat me. I’ll go to the clinic anyway. I won’t ask someone to pull out my tooth, I won’t go to the group for inducing teeth. For one reason only, I have to be sure of the professionalism of these people.
    This I mean that I have nothing specifically against pickup companies. Even if you do not discard the moral aspect of this phenomenon. But before you go to such a company, you need to think simply whether they have professional skills. It’s not enough to be able to “seduce” girls. A person who is going to teach this to others must be able to teach, must at least know the basic level of psychology. After all, he can easily only worsen the situation. for example, if his program is not suitable for a specific person, then he will become even more mired in his complexes, his insecurity.

    A game

    Pickup, originally, was conceived as a game. They were like-minded people who united in small groups who had a common interest, learned to communicate with women, to develop technologies that allow her to be located in the shortest possible time. There was no popularity, there was no mass, there were small discussions on the network. They found some methods, read books on psychology, studied hypnosis techniques. It was high for them. Because nothing beats the pioneer CAFE. When you come to America for the first time, you will never feel what Columbus felt. And sometimes achieving something on their own brings more pleasure than using the experience of others.


    But the game grew into a profitable business. Since it gained wide popularity. Pickup from a hobby for some people has completely grown into a business. Advertising on this product allowed it to be sold. What started to do, a lot of books, sites, firms involved in training. They hammer in their heads patterns, approaches, technologies, break the worldview. I am not against the experience of others, but it must be perceived as experience, and not as a dogma. Moreover, what used to be effective over time becomes banal, as it is too often used.

    As an option

    Before trying to brainwash yourself with all sorts of templates, terminologies and “super” techniques, try yourself? It's okay if at first you won’t succeed, but drawing conclusions from your mistakes, you can get YOUR experience, which is a hundred times better than someone else’s. Maybe you will create your own style of communication, discover in yourself those skills that you never imagined. At least mastering communication skills on your own. You can understand what test you are made of and what you are capable of.

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