Runetology (42): Director General of the portal for children Oleg Ulyansky

    Oleg Ulyansky , general director of the children's portal, is about marketing and advertising, about website promotion, about RBC projects, about the Russian RuNet, about content filtering, about the future of copyright and about raising children.

    Interview with a guest:
    • Why do I need a marketer?
    • Advertising campaigns the secret of success
    • Children's Internet Issues
    • What is the difference between and Western children's portals?
    • Monetization of children's resources
    • What kind of advertising can interest children?
    • How to raise children in the information society?

    Discussed news:
    • Wikipedia collected half a million Russian articles
    • Autodesk and 1C did not want death
    • Google launched a product search
    • Petro Didenko left Microsoft

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