More than half of Android devices already on 2.2 FroYo

    According to the latest data , 51.8% of all active Android devices currently work on version 2.2.

    This means that most devices support all the latest important updates and many background improvements in speed and security.

    Although Android has seen explosive growth over the past few months, there have been concerns that many devices will be stuck on older versions due to device manufacturers not in a hurry to update them. Indeed, new statistics show that 35.2% of devices are still at 2.1, 7.9% at 1.6, and 4.7% at all at antique 1.5.

    As the graph above shows, the proportion of 2.2 is growing steadily, but the tipping point and the beginning of dominance have occurred in the past few weeks. The growth of 2.2 is due to both an increase in the number of devices that have been updated and the release of new devices on FroYo.

    The latest version, 2.3, so far takes only 0.4%, it is supported only by the recently released Nexus S.

    We are looking forward to 3.0.

    via TNW

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