Sockets are not necessary, the sun is shining for us ...

    According to Reuters, the cell phone will soon be able to transmit odors and recharge from the sun . This case is being developed by Nokia.

    Well, if the phone can be charged from the sun, then it can be easily transferred to glucose nutrition.

    We get a mobile phone that is “untied” even from the electric network. Hello, grid society ...

    And the fact that the phone recharged from the sun “plugs” several tens of millions of people into the information sphere, who are deprived of normal communication due to lack of electricity, is beyond doubt. Plus additional convenience: you can broadcast travel information without fear that at the right time the battery will say “meow! and you will be left without communication.

    Yesterday, in my blog on Mail.Ru, I expressed the idea that the Infosphere has accumulated a “critical mass” sufficient to become unsinkable and to develop further while maintaining the pace (at least).

    In the news that came, I see another confirmation of this thought.
    The text of the news is here.

    HONG KONG (Reuters) - Today, the ability to shoot video using a mobile phone may seem outstanding, but this is far from the limit: phones still do not know how to store odors and recharge from the sun ...

    We combine (interconnected) capabilities. You can listen to music just like on an MP3 player, but you can also download music and combine it with the video you just shot, ”said Ozhanpera, Nokia’s technology director.

    ... However, Nokia’s technology is not just for wealthy consumers, Ozhanpera said. An estimated 500 million more will become mobile phone users this year, most of them in developing countries where a power outlet is not always available. "

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