If I played for Microsoft ...

    So, we have insolent opponents, I’m not afraid of this word, the fashion company G% gle. Our adversary has diverse interests on the Internet, but his main feeding trough is connected with online advertising.

    How to deal with it?

    I would release a plug-in for MS Internet Explorer - similar to the AdBlock extension for Firefox - which allows you to block online advertising, including contextual advertising.
    1) This plugin should allow the user to block content coming from both specific domain names and a range of IP addresses in two clicks. Of course, it should be done in such a way as to not even think about what a “domain” and “IP address” are for the user at all.
    2) This plugin must be compatible with all versions of IE starting with 5.5.
    3) This plug-in must be included in the mandatory installation of Windos Update, and it does not even require authentication to install; D
    4) This plug-in must periodically update the list of filters from the MS website in order to be able to quickly respond to tricks of competitors.
    5 and the last one) After a while, a bit crookedly, but this plugin must sometimes pass ads from MS to the user.

    By supporting this idea and quickly modifying its implementation, one can achieve decent results in a couple of years.

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