LinuxFormat Magazine has been freely available in PDF format. All numbers for the last year.

    Actually, that 's it.
    Linux Format is a monthly magazine in Russian, entirely devoted to Linux. This is an analogue of the eponymous western magazine.

    60% of articles and study guides are translations of a Western publication, and 40% are Russian authors, including Dmitry Kirsanov, Alexey Fedorchuk, Viktor Kostromin, Evgeny Baldin, Andrey Borovsky and others. It

    can be interesting and useful for almost all PC users and specialists in programming and system administration. Programming workshops, tips for beginners, in principle, the magazine may be of interest to a fairly wide audience.

    As far as I remember, the magazine is open for subscription. High-quality, beautiful publication, in September of this year successfully celebrated 1 year.

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