Motorola Atrix Androidphone replaces the system unit

    This got lost in the CES news feed, but it’s worth paying attention to: Motorola showed the Atrix 4G Androidphone, which can connect via the dock to an external display / mouse / keyboard and replace the system unit (of course, there is no full-fledged desktop OS, but Firefox is completely “ adult ”, and with the help of Citrix solutions it is possible to remotely run Windows applications). The smartphone has a dual-core processor with a frequency of gigahertz and gigabytes of memory - many users from a computer do not need more. Thus, it became possible to carry your computer in your pocket, connecting it at work, at home and with friends, working everywhere with the same files. Previously, some users have already tried to turn their smartphone (for example, Nokia N900) into a mobile workstation, but as far as I know, there was no special software out of the box anywhere.

    Also presented was a special dock laptop with an 11-inch screen, the “heart” of which is Atrix.

    Read more and watch the video on Engadget .

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