Belarus Startup'2011

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    One of these days (December 10) we had Belarus Startup 2011 in Minsk . This time the contest was not limited to the capital, but also captured startups from the regions. There were two stages: from November to December, everyone could submit applications that were considered by a high commission, and the best of the best went to the final, and then in the final they chose the best in their nominations and the best project of all presented.

    What happened next?

    Since there is still no complete report on the past event (I hope that so far) - unless, of course, a small photo report on the On - line player is taken into account - I will tell you everything myself.

    There were three nominations ( scientific , web and game startups ), each with three finalist projects. Since it was known from the very beginning that
    “In the final of 2011, the best project in the opinion of the Expert Council will take place for 4 months free pre-investment training in a business incubator and in the spring of 2012 will go on an internship in Silicon Valley USA,”
    the guys tried to show the best that they have. Or they wanted to try.


    Unfortunately, I missed the scientific section, so it will be great if there is someone on Habr who has seen the presentations and tells us about them. Here are three finalists:
    • Alexander Kukh with “Thermal Energy Converter”
    • Dmitry Odinets and his “Parallel Processor”
    • Artyom Semenenko and “EC Assessment of Building Structures” (winner)


    The following were game developers, two of whom have already become regulars in Belarusian start-up events:
    • Egor Kuryanovich once again showed FAR7 , spoke about the themebox (it's like sandbox and themepark right away), interactive space and promised a quick open testing.
    • Nikita Velmaskin once again spoke about “PocketGame” - its adaptation of the PocketFallout engine for mobile platforms, on which you can make games with little or no programming or write scripts using a special basic dialect.
    • Kirill Gorenitsyn, the winner of the nomination and the whole of Belarus Startup 2011, blinded everyone with Far Galaxy Ocean - a demo version of the game for the iPad, where the brave dolphin has to collect eggs and dive into the pipe to get to the next level.


    Closed the procession of web startups:
    • Artem Fedenko suggested making an “E-Ticket” - a system thanks to which it would be possible to buy tickets for various events remotely and not print them.
    • Alexander Kulitsky came up with the idea of “” and won because he proposed an application that can “like” only part of the contents of a post, page, site, etc.
    • Philip Daineko presented the concept of Great Work , a service for life mentors that will be integrated into a social network and where lost people can get advice or guidance, and those who find themselves can give this advice or guidance.

    In the end

    After the performance of startups-finalists, a flash pitch began, where everyone could leave the room to go to the microphone and present their project within 60 seconds. There were about a dozen speakers and projects who voted for the ones who liked the whole hall. As a result, the guy won - I'm sorry, I didn’t remember the name - he demonstrated a backpack-column and offered an interesting system for illuminating car disks.

    Apart from the main prize - internships in California - the winners were awarded with books on relevant subjects, they provided jobs in the incubator , and they were mentally encouraged to do better, more and, in general, lean more on startups.

    In parallel with the main program, an amateur video competition about startups was held. The videos of the contestants, as well as voting for the best of them, can be observed in the event group .

    PS Links were indicated only on those presentations that I managed to find. If you have any additional information about the participating projects or the event itself, let's discuss it in the comments to this post.

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