Increase productivity in VS.NET

    Habrapoisk searched and did not find mention of such a useful thing as DevExpress IDETools .


    What is it and what does it eat?

    This is a solid set of plug-ins for increasing capabilities and interactivity, and therefore potential productivity, in Visual Studio 2002/2003/2005/2008 (C #, VB, ASP, C ++). It's no secret that the development environment from Microsoft is not ideal and is often inferior in convenience to the products of other companies and open source projects. For example, I still don’t understand why a bunch of tested and convenient features known to me from the Java IDE such as Jbuilder and IntelliJ still do not appear in Visual Studio.NET. I googled. And I found this wonderful commercial (more about this later) product, which just added what I was missing for the usual convenience ...

    This package consists of separately available modules: DXCore , CodeRush and Refactor! .
    I will talk a little about each of them:


    This, as the name implies, is the core. A set of libraries that allows you to connect (integrate) home-made plug-ins in VS. By itself, this product is free and available for download from the developer's site. In IDETools, it serves as the basis, since the other two modules are based on it. By the way, on the same site and at Google you can find free plugins from craftsmen.


    The module is designed to accelerate code writing. The addition includes not only heaps of ready-made templates , but also the ability to quickly navigate through the code, additional clipboard and code allocation capabilities, and improved visualization of the code.


    And again, the name seems to hint to us that this is a refactoring module, that is, work on existing code. This is an extended version of the built-in VS refactor. It is very convenient for projects a la copy-paste and for restructuring and optimizations. It is full of options for automatic replacement, encapsulation, embedding and breaking code - more than 150 possibilities for refinement and processing.


    I really enjoyed working with these utilities. He infected everyone at work and now the boss is thinking about buying licenses. As I said, the project is commercial and costs more than $ 200 per license. However, in addition to a full-fledged trail, it is worth mentioning that the paid versions are PRO components and much of the refactoring will continue to work after the end of the 30-day period, while continuing to improve the user interface and features.

    When working with old projects in C # I constantly use the highlighting of not disposed variables (as well as unused functions), auto import namespace, adding using, replacing string with StringBuilder

    Of the minuses, I can note that with all the options turned on, the code becomes too colorful and the processor load is clearly increasing. In any case, there are many things that can be turned off.

    For a better look, there are video tutorials and of course the cheat sheet .

    I advise!

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