Real-time video encoding at boot time

    The service launched a new feature : processing a video file with the ffmpeg codec in the process of uploading it to the site. Transloadit servers provide encoding speed higher than the download speed for most users. Thus, the delay between downloading and publishing a video is now virtually eliminated.

    The feature of realtime encoding in some cases increases the “encoding speed” (that is, the time between the end of the file download and the end of the encoding) by 150 times. How it works is shown in the video under the cut or you can check it yourself in the demo section on the website.

    Encoding delay is a very nasty thing. For example, on Youtube it annoys so many users. Well, if the guys the experience of colleagues with Transloadit will be taken over by the developers of other video hosting sites.

    From a technical point of view, the function of realtime encoding Transloadit is made using the file loader parser . During loading, the parser writes small pieces of files to the disk that are fed by ffmpeg. Transloadit system based on node.js .

    For registered users, to activate this function, you need to add a parameter "realtime": trueto the robot parameters /video/encode.

    As you can see, even small startups can technologically surpass such "monsters" as Youtube / Google.

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