SimplePlayer - a free online player for iPhone

    I have great news for you! Our new online music player for iPhone has finally been released on the App Store.

    We take music from the services , , .

    Link in iTunes


    SimplePlayer allows you to search through a large database of songs (thanks for this to ) and listen to them directly on iOS devices. The social side of the application allows you to share your favorite songs with friends via E-Mail, Twitter and Facebook.


    At the moment, all the features of the application are concentrated in two tabs - Search and Top 100. The first allows you to find thousands of artists, tens of thousands of songs, among which you can definitely find your favorite. The second tab (Top 100) allows you to listen to the charts of popular Russian radio stations.

    You can control playback using the convenient top panel, which can be hidden at any time. This panel is accessible from any SimplePlayer tab.

    You can share the song through popular social networks or E-Mail. Your friends will get short links like this . You can listen to the song on this link both from the iOS device and from the desktop computer.

    The application is compatible with all firmware starting from 3.0, but special functions are available for iOS 4 users: playing audio in the background and controlling playback using the iPod panel. There is also support for Retina displays.


    In the near future, an update will be released with support for playlists, the ability to download music and other goodies and utilities. We will definitely listen to your feedback in the comments :).
    It turned out that there are no iOS 4 devices, so we are actively looking for volunteer testers. During the development, users helped out , but we need a wider audience :).

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