New features and New Year promotion on Ping-Admin.Ru

    To begin with about the New Year. New Year is coming. We decided not to wait on January 1, but to do something pleasant for users right now. From December 20 to December 31, when replenishing an account in our monitoring service for $ 5 or more, users receive a bonus of 20% of the payment amount.

    This is doubly beneficial, because Before the New Year holidays, many people deposit money into the account, so that the checks do not stop due to a lack of funds in the account, and then do not know on January 11 that the site was not working all the holidays.

    We also got RSS notifications. You can add an RSS feed with information about checking a service into an RSS reader, access this RSS feed every minute and almost instantly find out about problems with a verified service.

    There is also a separate setting for the frequency of checks for checking the service when it is not working. Say, we usually check once every 30 minutes, and when an error occurs - once every 5 minutes to find out more quickly when the error disappears.

    Well, we will end this post with an intriguing announcement (especially for Habr) :-)
    January 1, all Pingadmin users will receive a small gift. Those who took part in the New Year’s campaign, about which he wrote at the beginning of the post, will be especially pleased.

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