British climber preparing to make the highest altitude call in the world

    British climber Rod Baker is preparing for the last stage of his enterprise to set the world record for the highest mountain mobile call. He must conquer Everest and make a call from his northern ridge. Now Baker and his team members are in the base camp, they have passed acclimatization and today they will have to go to the final stage of the expedition, which will last about 8 days.
    Mobile conversations on Everest became possible after the installation of a base station in China in direct line of sight from the northern ridge of Everest. Reception in the Himalayas improved after the Chinese army camped at Everest, where they are preparing for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Rod Baker says his expedition has a good chance of ending successfully if the weather remains calm. “But this is only if Everest allows us to conquer it,” he says, “and nothing else.”

    Julia Torgashova ( )

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