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    So. Many people have financial difficulties. Low salaries, meager pensions, the ability to lose even that job, which bring at least a small but stable income. Bad prospects. Here and here we meet people who could earn a living, but they do it either the old fashioned way, at the micro level, or simply don’t know how to optimize the process.

    And then there's the crisis! Many people found themselves in unpleasant life situations, to say nothing. But on the other hand, it’s more fun together, and trouble does not matter! You can learn from each other.

    Question: take 10 dollars. Can you double that amount? For what period?

    At one time, if I had been asked such a question, I would have answered that a week is enough. As a student, I sometimes bought phones from friends or through ads, played with them, then sold them. Some want to sell faster, lower the price, in another device a scratch. Bought for 10 ye, sold for 20 ye. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are sometimes called "hucksters", sticking a negative connotation to entrepreneurial activity. I do not agree with this statement of the question. As Napoleon Hill said, when setting a goal, the principle should be clearly stated that both parties to the transaction should cooperate on mutually beneficial conditions. You cannot make a state of misfortune or deception of others. And I completely agree with that. You can be an honest entrepreneur.

    So here. We doubled $ 10, we got $ 20. Let's double them. It’s a paradox, but to make a double with a small sum is much easier than with a large one) The further you go, the more difficult it is, however, it is important to understand that the essence is the same, just the scope is different. But this is just an illustration.

    There are people who can create something with their own hands: they knit, cut from wood, weave from vines, etc. Often we see them near the roads with their creations. And someone writes beautiful poems or makes amazing photos ... How to make your hobby a profession, how to provide yourself with a livelihood? And here a community of people will help, different people who online will be able to tell people how to make money on a particular product.

    Firstly, you need to teach people to set goals, secondly, to support them in self-confidence, and thirdly, to suggest marketing techniques and methods of achievement, to which someone might not think of. It is important that the person himself wants to achieve financial independence and take concrete steps. And let viewers watch and draw conclusions, help, analyze the error and so on.

    PS. Add to the post: I often have to talk with people about making money. Almost everyone believes that you can’t make money on your favorite business! You can earn money only as an accountant, economist or lawyer :) And I have to convince people that this is not so.
    They ask: How can I make money if I like taking pictures? I explain that if you like photography, you need
    Become a pro at this, study literature, flip out a lot of frames, learn how to feel the moment, etc. This is work and it will take a lot of time. But she will be a pleasure. Then you need a really good camera, a SLR, additional equipment. then we can shoot weddings, celebrations, we can post work on photo resources on the Internet. that is, purposefully go to a goal that many do not even have. There is a vague desire "not bad to have a lot of money," but there is no goal and deadline for implementation.

    Well and so on. that is, the resource will be sharpened specifically for such educational work.

    Good luck

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