testcreator - student testing automation

    Yesterday I added a small program with a web interface; It is written in Django (Python), and allows you to somewhat automate the process of testing students.

    The teacher can create a test - for example, in Russian or mathematics. After that, he can add to him the required number of questions and fill out several answers to each of the questions, while he can choose one or more answers as “correct”.

    After the test is filled with questions, you can export the required number of randomly selected questions to PDF, and in two versions at once - one option for the student to fill out, and the other for the teacher - to test the test (the correct answer is indicated in the option for the teacher) .

    Thus, for example, you can do a test with two hundred questions and give each student a completely individual option with 20 questions. Now I will describe the installation (for Ubuntu 10.10). Download the file , unzip it to yourself (for example, in the home directory). Open console, execute sudo su. apt-get update apt-get install python-django apt-get install python-setuptools apt-get install python-all-dev easy_install pisa easy_install reportlab easy_install html5lib Go to the directory with the program and run syncdb - you will need to create a superuser who can use to login






    to the admin panel if you need it for anything (/ admin /).

    cd testcreator
    python manage.py syncdb

    and start the server. It is quite suitable for ordinary
    use, but for use by several people and generally
    production I strongly recommend paying attention to
    gunicorn + nginx.

    python manage.py runserver

    Everything, the program should be available at the following address.

    By the way, unobtrusive javascript is used there. That is, if
    the user’s JavaScript is disabled for some reason, and
    he does not
    display the trendy animated effects of dynamically changing pages , then the program works for him anyway - it just happens
    additional click on the link.

    Here's a program like that. I also want to add, by the way, that the author of the idea is the anjolio habrayuzer . If you have any thoughts about this program, I will be glad to hear them.

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