Mac OS X Tiger on eee PC 701

    The background was the acquisition by a colleague at a reasonable price of the Asus eee PC 701 (4G) netbook . Well, I wanted something like this (here you need to reproduce the gesture of rubbing the index and middle fingers with the thumb). Out of a perverse sporting interest, they decided to unanimously install Mac OS on it.

    Hardware-n-software requirements

    To install you will need:
    • eee PC 701 - 1 pc.;
    • Uphuck image 10.4.9 Universal DVD (4.37 GiB)) - 1 pc.;
    • external DVD-drive - 1 pc.;
    • i Strength (it is also a modified clerical one, cleared of isolation, if any) - 1 pc.;
    • pliers (for guidance of beauty and convenience) - 1 pc.;
    • drinks and snacks to taste.

    ¹ The image was downloaded in .cdr, recorded on Mac OS using Disk Utility; how to write to a PC is a mystery to me.


    So, we collect everything in one place.

    Everyone is here

    We insert the modified i-Strength as shown in the figure (without it the most important thing is the OS itself): We

    iBack + eee PC

    turn everything on, boot from the USB drive, start the installation:

    Preparing installation

    Format the partitions during the installation, select the necessary components (see the “Ref. To” section) waiting for the end:

    Waiting for restart

    Almost done

    It is loading!

    Starting Mac OS X

    The long-awaited video. Welcome, convert makovod.

    Welcome int.

    Then the most difficult part of the installation begins - customization of the OS. Everything would be fine, but the wizard’s controls do not fit into the screen, you have to use Tab + arrows, not knowing exactly which elements are in the invisible part of the screen (by the way, see the “Ref. To” section). But, a little patience ... and she spins ©!


    Further “thin tuning”:


    One of the applications:


    When purchasing an eee PC, do not forget about the drive to it :-) All that


    remains is to reduce the stapling by pliers so that it does not protrude from the connector.

    So ...

    The total that we have with the moose:
    1. built-in Wi-Fi does not work (the problem is solved by installing a mini-PCI Dell wireless adapter - see the “Ref. to” section);
    2. LAN does not work;
    3. music plays, video hellishly slows down ( Perian partially solves the problem, but the brakes remain anyway);
    4. Out of the box, both Quartz Extreme and Core Image are supported, the interface effects do not just slow down (for example, minimizing the application to the Dock), but they work slowly , although it looks bewitching and even beautiful;
    5. sometimes the control elements climb under the Dock (it can be done less than on the "screen");

    To summarize: after installation, we got a leisurely typewriter capable of twisting music and reading / editing texts previously downloaded to it. The installation itself was made solely out of sports interest, however, a colleague has not complained so far, like :-). If someone tells me how to defeat the brakes of the video, it would be very fine.

    Ref. to

    Based on materials from tigeroneeepc (en) , OSx86 (en) .
    Best regards,
    alexrus .

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