Photos from the "flicker" steal for sale

    Professional photographers sound the alarm. This is not the first time that their most beautiful photographs, which are available for public viewing on the Internet, are being stolen and sold by commercial photobanks on their own behalf. This time, the Icelandic photographer Rebecca Guzleifsdóttir, whose pictures were sold on iStockphoto, became a victim of thieves .

    Unscrupulous scammers even sold their own self-portrait of a photo artist.

    Of course, according to the rules of the photobank, only your own pictures can be sold there. Therefore, the thief impersonated the author. He even started his own portfolio: there were 31 photographs, 25 of which actually belonged to Rebecca. As soon as the scandal became known, the user under the nickname “vulcanacar” was deleted from the site, only a screenshot was saved .

    It is interesting that the same Rebecca is already the second case when photos, contrary to her wishes, are sold in photo banks. Apparently, this is a very common type of fraud. Apparently, other professional photographers need to reduce the maximum size of their photos to such a quality that they cannot be interpolated. Rebecca has now set a maximum size of 800 pixels on the long side .


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