A skeleton in a closet, or a site for $ 200

    Once again, rummaging through the Internet, I stumbled upon a blog , to be honest a regular blog, there are hundreds of them, but one article really hooked me, made me think ... And forgive me, but I publish it here, we read and think a lot ...

    Almost everyone webmasters have their skeletons in the closet - sites that he does not indicate in his portfolio. This is his shame, his pain, this past, and often the present - these are sites for $ 200.

    Why are we doing them? At first - because I want to add at least something to the list of works from 2 points, to feel like a “real webmaster”. Then - because the portfolio already seems to be there, but there is no name, and there is no money, and you write the code to a random customer because today he has the “mood to make a website” for his stall. Later - because a friend asked to help a friend - "he is a good guy, but there is no money at all, he will certainly pay a little ...". Or the money simply ran out, and then another district graphomaniac rings on an ad with the idea of ​​perpetuating his talent by Friday, and certainly against a yellow background.

    More than half of such creations dies itself - nobody needed them at the time of creation, they turn into a burden to owners in a couple of weeks, the customer did not really know what he needed it for, it was simply not solid now without a website, he had heard it on TV. Like a new, inexpensive and stupid toy - I played around, threw it out, now I can peel through my lip - "they say they made a website for me, no use, I’d better go to a tavern."

    And the site is hanging on a hosting paid for a year in advance, with empty sections, and 3 paragraphs “Lorem ipsum” in the section “About the company”, and 4 counters that the customer carefully selected are the best of the best, not every rating can be trusted to consider, it’s the face is scary to say - our corporation!

    The smaller part has a much more difficult fate, like a boomerang toad - abandoned, it returns after a while and begins to choke.

    “The good guy”, the TK to which you yourself wrote from his indistinct description in the handset, starts ringing and complaining that “I presented this module in a slightly different way, and it seems we agreed that there would still be a catalog, and I just thought, you but you’ll do it quickly, yes, that would be nice in him ... ”- well, how to refuse such a cutie, is he a professionally good guy? And the site really turned out to be good, only it is no longer 200, and not a thousand, and it's a pity to throw.

    Uncle from the stall arrives on his behhe and twists his fingers for a long and tedious time, unable to explain even to himself - why he wants to demand 400% of sales growth for you in two hundred, but dreams, dreams - he really wanted to, and then, I’m paid, where are the visitors?

    And a friend of your friends, an honored teacher to whom you drew a hamster for free, and in the third year you finish one or the other - he is indignant and perplexed - it turns out that you promised to translate his unique author’s technique into English in the spring and you should have invited him to read Oxford lectures, "this is outrageous, young man, I have seen everything, but ...". And you haven’t been young for a long time, but he’s used to having all the students around him and everyone owe him, and he owes no one, and in general it’s rudeness, not to fulfill his promises!

    And the day passes, the evening comes, you understand that 12 hours is already at the computer, your eyes are red, you didn’t do anything from what you planned, but you made 5 edits, added 2 modules, restored someone’s base, and started somewhere else 2 postal addresses, I consulted a friend of a friend’s friend for half an hour, didn’t earn a penny, and tomorrow it turns out you will work again, because you feel guilty before someone, and you owe someone, did you promise?

    The boomerang toad feels great, and in a dream, innocent souls of sites that died in infancy come to you and beg to check how their TIC and PR have changed after the update.

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