Hypercube: makes web widgets available on desktops

    The software company Mesa Dynamics has launched an alpha trial version of Amnesty Hypercube ( Mac version ; Windows version ) - its universal widget platform.

    This platform gives users the ability to import and compile widgets from the Web and use them on the desktop, and not in a web browser. With one click, the widget will be included in the sidebar of the Hypercube and displayed on the desktop.

    By serving as a bridge between web and desktop widgets, Hypbercube aims to provide a centralized tool for using your widgets. Like Google and Yahoo, Hypercube provides a centralized place to access widgets, but unlike search engine solutions, Hypercube allows you to use widgets on various systems: now they are Windows XP and Vista (with .NET 2.0), as well as Apple Mac OS X starting with version 10.3.9.

    via Mashable

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