Digg.com has changed its design today

    As expected earlier, this morning Digg.com got a new look.

    The biggest change is the appearance of the Video menu on the main page. Other changes include some changes on the main and individual pages, navigation with a drop-down menu, advanced personal settings ...

    The usability has been improved in the new design: now links can be “buried” with one click, instead of the previous two clicks. The activity of friends became visible right on the main page - also nice and convenient. Links to popular and new news have become more visible. The pop-up menu, on the contrary, caused a controversial response from users - some people like this solution more than the old, tree-like version, and some less. In general, opinions were divided in a ratio of 50/50.
    Of the minuses, one can note only the increase in the size of banners, and the lack of the expected section with pictures - people still put (pic) at the end of the topic name :( In general, I personally am pleased with the redesign. And what do you think?

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