Sync mobile phone, Google Calendar and Sunbird.

    I own the Nokia phone. As you know, Nokia and their PCSync only supports MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes and Lotus Organizer.
    Small choice. Is not it?
    But what about those who do not want to use Outlook?

    I found a workaround that "kills a lot of birds with one stone."

    It all started with the fact that I wanted to connect Sunbird with Google Calendar.
    There were no big problems with this.

    I used the “Provider for Google Calendar” plugin.

    After that, create a new calendar that is located on the network in the calendar field:

    Then insert the link taken in Google calendar (Closed calendar

    After that, you will be asked for the password for your Google account. And that’s all ...

    After that I thought. Still beautiful. But the mobile phone wants to connect current with Outlook.
    I don’t want that. So you need a program or service that supports SyncML.
    I didn’t find such a program ... But I found a solution.
    This is service that supports SyncML and can synchronize my phone with Google Calendar.

    There is enough to register and that's it.
    How to configure a specific phone is described in detail. But here are some problems I noticed.
    Selecting your phone in the list. I tried to synchronize, but I was not able to do this. Writes an error. But at the same time, having immediately changed the phone model to Nokia 6233 on the website, the synchronization went off with a bang ...

    And another drawback that may disappoint users is the lack of a storage service or at least some transfer of contacts from the phone’s notebook. But as I understand it, the service is working on it.

    The chain turned out to be correct in my opinion: Phone -> Goo -> Google Calendar -> Sunbird ... and vice versa.

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