RORER introduces a new pay-per-view ad format

    A gift to all its regular and future customers was prepared by RORER for its third birthday. The unique T-RORER ad format was proudly presented to the public. With its help, it is planned to erect an advertisement with payment for the result to its place in the Runet.

    Now, advertisers can, along with the usual contextual ad, also place a picture 100x100 in size, which will add an image effect to contextual advertising.

    Only clicks to the advertiser's site will be paid, while the system delivers ads to the target audience.

    In the T-RORER system, there was such a plus as the absence of an auction, that is, fixing a click price of any topic and keywords, which allows you to accurately plan your advertising budget.

    For the sake of saving time and nerves of customers, a system specialist will set up and run an advertising company himself, and absolutely free of charge. Customers are also offered help with ad text and images.

    The company's reputation is ensured by a careful selection of partners, so there are no dubious sites among the advertising sites.

    Despite the fact that broadcasting of ads is carried out on the leading sites of the Runet, the display of illustrated ads with their image impact is free.

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