iPhone on sale. Microsoft is preparing an answer

    About the Apple product has been said enough. With the purchase or not buying it, for sure each of us has already decided.
    Most of us are more interested in what happens next.
    Will there be an iPhone v2, what are its characteristics, and what will be the answer to this elegant device from Microsoft, the leader who said that they are not a hindrance in the business segment of the iPhone.

    As we know / understand that an important attractive part of the gadget is its GUI. And I, as a person who likes to program on Microsoft platforms, came across an interesting blog post from the newly-made PM (project / product manager) Windows Mobile shell team . Here is what he writes:

    In general, I became RM in the team managing the "shell" of Windows Mobile. Among other things, this command is responsible for the look and feel the user is working with. My main task is to make all internal applications (Calendar, Contacts, Dialer, Desktop (Homescreen), etc.) just shine in the next version of Windows Mobile. This means: consistent GUI, use of the main GUI controls ( ?! Nah ?! ), accessibility to use themes (theming) ( ? Skins chtoli? ) And any extensions ( ? Plugins?) Now I can’t tell you anything in detail about WM “7”, except that the new GUI “will take down the tower for you”. The transition to this team is very exciting for me, and I am very proud that I will work with the Outlook Mobile core, which makes Windows Mobile devices very powerful.

    Going forward, I'm a PM on the Windows Mobile shell team. This team owns the user-facing "look and feel", among other things. My primary responsibility is ensuring that all our internal apps (Calendar, Contacts, Phone, Home screen etc.) shinein the next version of Windows Mobile. That includes ensuring UI consistency, common control usage, theming and extensibility. I can't reveal any specifics about WM "7" at this time, except that the new user experience will blow your socks off. This is a very exciting transition for me, and indeed an honor to work on core apps such as Outlook Mobile, which make our devices so powerful.

    link: http://blogs.msdn.com/melsam/archive/2007/06/19/working-transitioning-at-microsoft.aspx

    These are the news, friends. We can only wait.
    Time will tell us whether MS can decide to radically redesign the GUI, as was the case with the new MS Office or Longhorh concepts, and thereby give the world something new, or whether it will be another re-installation of icons in the OS.

    The giant has “trumps”: time, understanding of the main “enemy”, technology (Multipoint SDK, which was announced earlier! (19 dec 2006) than Apple’s moultitouch, you can “sew” MS Surface), in the end the market.

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