Bitly Announces Realtime Search Service

    The well-known link reduction resource Bitly has announced an interesting service for finding the most popular materials among content posted by its own users. Of course, the search is conducted both on the links placed "manually", and on the links that leave all sorts of services that work with Bitly. Currently, Realtime is in the closed beta stage, allowing users to filter the search by key, topic, social resources and more. The preview image shows the capabilities of Realtime.

    As you can see, the service does not work 100% correctly (otherwise what does the news about Mac OS do in the search results for startups?). But still, the new service is really interesting, because hundreds of thousands of links go through it, and the search for the most popular links can show a situational picture of trends on a certain topic.

    Bitly decided to get away from a purely link reduction service, and so far only added a search engine. But in the future, other subservices can be developed that complement the functionality of the main resource. By the way, not so long ago, Bitly received additional investments from Khosla Ventures. In May, the resource updated the design, and also began to move towards social bookmarking, and not just a shortener links.

    It seems that Bitly wants to become something more than a link shortening service, and all these updates / additions really help to achieve this goal. Back in October last year, Bitly launched a beta version of a social search engine for corporate users. Now we see an interesting search service for everyone, and you can work with this service absolutely free.

    Via techcrunch

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