Twitter: service news

    As it became known from today's newsletter, Twitter expects several important events.

    Twitter has investors . The service begins to be funded by the New York company Union Square Ventures. In addition, Twitter maintains relations with old friends - Charles River Ventures, as well as individuals, including Marc Andreessen, Dick Costolo, Ron Conway and Naval Ravikant. Now Twitter is determined, it is going to build a strong and sustainable company, new vacancies have already opened on it , which means there are certain plans for the development of the service. We wish them good luck!

    Less significant but pleasant changes have also occurred.
    In particular, the concepts of follow are now combinedand friend , which were confused before many. The concept of “friends” is taken out of circulation, and all actions are transferred to “follow”. In addition, you can now enable and disable notifications by SMS or IM personalized, that is, for each of your friends being watched.

    The Wall Street Journal wrote a note about Twitter and Hollywood experiments with it. Including how one of the actors entertained his viewers using the service .

    And finally, a certain Sarah Morishig last weekend became the wife of the co-founder and managing director of Twitter - Even Williams. Congratulations to the newlyweds! :)

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