Everything ingenious is simple

    This is a story about simplicity and how to make good presentations. The secret of a good presentation lies not only in simplicity, but also in the ability to present information, clearly and reasonably express your thoughts, convey them to the interlocutor, and make them understood.

    SIMPLICITY - means achieving the maximum effect with minimal means.

    Dr. Kiyochi Kawana A

    minimum of words, a maximum of meaning, a lot of work. Agree, it’s much easier to write a kilometer-long article, which consists entirely of water, than to spend your time to choose the most important thing yourself and bring it to the interlocutor / reader / listener.

    How to learn to do it right?

    1. Learn from the best, learn from the masters.

    Take the example from Apple. At Apple, simplicity is at the heart of every product, project or presentation design. They know how to convey maximum information in the simplest and most elegant way.
    I don’t want to foment a holivar, but I appeal even to those who do not like this company - after all, you can also learn from the enemy?
    Steve Jobs once said: "I do not like Microsoft because they have no taste, absolutely no taste." And one cannot disagree with him. Learn to do simple things, do them well, simply and with taste.

    2. In order to get to the very essence, it is necessary to exclude all non-essential.

    Perfection is not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing to remove.

    A good presentation is:
    • interesting idea;
      large print;
      many photos / illustrations;
      quite a few words.

      Its main characteristics:
      • simplicity;
        passion (spark).

        SIMPLICITY - “this is an opportunity to combine together pieces of the whole, it is the ability to integrate rather than analyze, draw parallels between unrelated areas, rather outline general patterns than give a concrete answer. This is the ability to invent something new, combining elements that no one had thought to connect before. ”

        Dan Pink “A Whole New Mind”

        The most creative of us see relationships that others don’t notice. Be creative and don't be afraid to simplify.


        keep it simple,

        because everything ingenious is simple :)

        PS When writing this article, I was prompted by articles about usability, a post from marysam , a recent Mio article, and, of course, the wonderful Garr Reynolds blog Prezentation Zen . This is my first attempt at writing, so please do not judge strictly. If it is interesting, I can continue the cycle with my own thoughts and translated articles.
        UPD Added a picture of the wonderful photographer Werol'a .

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