Google meter

    Google launched a new service - PowerMeter, which will collect data on the use of electrical appliances in the home and give tips on optimizing their operating modes.

    However, Google is still somewhat ahead of time. The fact is that in order for the service to receive data on energy consumption, they must first be collected. And if you can still organize everything with equipment that already has “brains” (PCs, televisions, projectors and even refrigerators with Internet access - the main thing is the presence of a network wired or wireless interface), then you won’t be able to “count” the iron or washing machine.

    So while Google holds PowerMeter in the status of closed beta and is waiting for a retaliatory move by manufacturers of household appliances. If the case burns out, then the concept of a smart home will get another additional feature.

    In the meantime, you can look at the promotional video program:

    via nytimes

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