eSATA / USB flash drive OCZ Throttle: two sides of the coin

    On the hub, they already discussed the announcement of such devices , but now they can already be freely bought, for example, on the Savyolovsky market (though 90% of sellers say “eSATA?” And when they hear the keyword “16GB”, they immediately throw after the first “turtle” USB flash drive :-) ) We are talking about OCZ Throttle, available in sizes of 8, 16 and 32GB. This flash drive has long been my dream, with its advertised “30Mb / s write and 90 read”. I was sure that such a flash drive is a great gift to any Geek or mother system administrator :-) Yesterday I finally received it, and I want to share my impressions with the habrachiteli :-)
    PS. I bought 8GB for 1300 rubles, I'm sure you can find cheaper.

    At the beginning, 4 hours I was tormented with motherboards, and with firewood - the flash drive was not detected through eSATA. Everything turned out to be simple - you need to stick the USB flash drive in both eSATA and USB only when it works ;-) If you do not have eSATA, you can find the SATA-> eSATA output to the rear panel, but this is not entirely honest and reliable, because eSATA has a much higher signal amplitude, and the cable can be up to 2 meters long (unlike ~ 60cm with SATA).


    Reading 25-33Mb / s (depending on the chipset / settings) - okay, this is still bearable :-).
    Recording - 12.5 Mb at the beginning of recording, 8.5 Mb - during the whole process. This is a complete failure :-) "Normal" Corsair GT show speeds 3-4 times higher.  21.5Mb / s, which is very good for a USB flash drive.

    Through eSATA - reading 85MB / s, writing - the same 8.5MB / s on large files 26 meters per second, do not forget to turn on Combatibility mode for this disk ;-). By the way, in SATA mode, the processor load is 0-1%, and in USB mode - one core is 100% full (iP45)


    OCZ Throttle surpasses commercially available USB flash drives in all respects, especially in SATA mode. If you need high read speed / the ability to install a regular OS (it should be easier than USB) and does not bother connecting to two ports at the same time - OCZ Throttle will be a great choice. I do not regret about the spent 1300 rubles :-)

    PS. You can enable "increased performance" in the device properties to remove restrictions on the write cache in Windows (for example, it is impossible to do this on USB). Then, on small files, the speed will catch up (but of course it’s not worth pulling out before a safe shutdown).
    PPS Do not forget to include Compatibility Mode for this disc in Total Commander ;-)

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