Invites to

    In connection with my own anniversary, I am distributing invites to - an excellent network for searching and sharing music (there are now about a hundred thousand albums in the catalog).
    Invites a little less than ten, which increases their value. Will get the first unsubscribe, to send an invite, publish an email address.

    UPD: Everything is over. The supplement will be next month.

    Excerpt from the network disclaimer:
    The DCDnet service is a closed network association of users engaged in non-profit cultural and cultural activities of a musical orientation. The basis of the service is a user-generated library of information about musical artists, their works, genres of music and other related information.

    Music files that are temporarily hosted on the server are demo samples of a music product that is on limited sale in Russia or is not available on open sale. By downloading a music product, DCDnet users agree to delete files after listening. The DCDnet service sets the goal of its existence and the main working task of acquainting users with the variety of music market offers and artists and simplifying the user's informed choice in purchasing licensed music products. Each user of DCDnet, being a sophisticated music consumer, tries to find and buy an original CD with a recording without loss of quality, thereby supporting its author and getting full pleasure from the music product.

    Well, you understand;).

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