HP Mini 1000: almost waiting!

    HP unofficial blog in Russia - HPort.ru

    The handsome laptop you see in the picture above is nothing short of the long-awaited new HP Mini Series netbook! But not the notorious HP Mini 1000 , which the Internet has been buzzing for more than a month, but his brother, released under our glorious Compaq brand for the European market.

    The Compaq Mini 700 , which is exactly what this machine is called by its characteristics, almost completely repeats the HP Mini 1000. The Mini 700 only has a wider 10-inch 16:10 screen with a resolution of 1024x600 instead of 1024x576 for the Mini 1000. One of the main advantages of the Mini series netbooks - A large keyboard, which is only 8% smaller than the standard keyboard of a regular laptop - is also available in Compaq'e.

    And now the most important thing: on the shelves of Russian storesCompaq Mini 700 will appear in March for about $ 550 !

    A little later, a special design version of the HP Mini 1000 - Vivienne Tam Edition - will appear on sale .

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