Fujitsu explores the potential of electronic paper

    Fujitsu, together with SoftBank Telecom and the publishing house Mainichi Newspapers, are testing the possibilities of using electronic paper in information terminals.

    For this, one of the popular Tokyo restaurants - Termina Kinshicho Fujiya Restaurant - has four FLEPia terminals with a color electronic paper display and Wi-Fi (for connecting to the server). Using FLEPia, visitors will be able to view the latest issues of the Mainichi Shogakusei Shimbun newspaper, advertisements, train timetables and weather forecasts.

    Since LCD information panels in bourgeois taverns are not new, the initiative to test terminals made using less energy-consuming electronic paper is very justified. Moreover, this will not only save on kilowatts per hour, but also simply more convenient: you do not need to conduct electricity to the tables on which these terminals are installed, which is necessary in the case of LCD panels.

    via engadget , nikkeibp

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