MySQL 8, Postgres NoSQL, Tarantool Vinyl, CockroachDB, ClickHouse, and yet, why did Uber leave Postgresql?

    June 17 in Moscow, Izmailovo will host the Devconf :: Storage conference

    Databases are becoming more wonderful and wonderful. Traditional RDBMS become NoSQL, and new engines become clustered, distributed and columned.

    Oleg Bartunov, a well-known developer of Postgres, wants to tell why their database is better than MongoDB when working with JSON, and his colleague Ivan Panchenko about how to write for postgres in perl, python and javascript.
    Anton Okolelov will tell you how to switch from MySQL to feel the power of Postgres, and another speaker, Alexei Kopytov, will explain why Uber did exactly the opposite, and left Postgres with MySQL.

    Dmitry Lenev and Igor Ilyin from the MySQL team will talk about the new features of their product. We will be pleased with the asymptotic approach to the full implementation of SQL, window functions, the traditional improvement of INFORMATION_SCHEMA, indexes, NOWAIT in SELECT, and group replication.

    Konstantin Osipov conducts an in-depth excursion into the lair of his pet Tarantool, talks about the new storage engine for big data on the principles of RocksDB.

    Vitaly Levchenko together with Daniil Podolsky will talk about CockroachDB. Speakers reflect on the integrity of geographically distributed transactions, the new Google Spanner cloud storage, and the now fashionable Golang.

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    What is your favorite database?

    • 52.4% PostgreSQL 490
    • 33.1% MySQL 310
    • 1.3% Tarantool 13
    • 1.1% CockroachDB 11
    • 2.2% ClickHouse 21
    • 9.6% MongoDB 90

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