Universal Spelling Dictionary for Firefox

    What always seemed strange to me in the dictionaries used by Mozilla was that they did not understand the words with the letter “e”. After all, I am far from the only one who always uses this letter.

    And what to do like me? Put another dictionary? I recently decided to touch Firefox 3 beta 2, and as a white man, I went to Tools> Add-ons> Download Extensions. And there he clicked the link "dictionaries". And what did I see ?

    But there is no choice of vocabulary there. There is only one - the one that without the support of the letter "ё". Although, as far as I remember, earlier loading dictionaries in FF was organized somehow differently, and there was a choice of a dictionary. Actually, the previous list still exists.- on a special site dictionaries.mozdev.org, you can only access it through the Firefox menu or the extensions site, but through Google. It’s wrong somehow.

    All this, of course, is good, but what if you often write something in English? Put the second dictionary? Constantly switch between them? And if I often write mixed texts? But what if I suddenly want to write a few words containing the letter "e" replacing it with "e"? Will Firefox no longer check them, but just mark them as erroneous?

    The ideal solution could be a unified dictionary - a Russian dictionary that understands both words with "ё" and words where "e" is used instead, as well as an English dictionary.

    And such a dictionary exists! It has been discovered on mozilla-russia.org forums. The dictionary needs to be downloaded, unzipped and put into the dictionaries folder in Firefox. After that, you will need to restart the browser.

    Putting this dictionary, you will find that исeglis now has “hedgehog”, “hedgehog”, and “hedgehog” - everything is the same :)

    UPDATE: For some reason, the file does not always download and beat. Therefore, I uploaded it to ifolder .

    UPDATE 2: Agafonov has found a more comprehensive universal dictionary . Thank you very much for that.

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