IBM changes the format of cooperation with China

    According to Kommersant, at the Beijing Development Forum, IBM CEO Virginia Rometti announced that the company will share technologies with Chinese IT companies and will contribute to their development. In her opinion, the Chinese IT market is one of the most promising in the world.


    “If you are a country, such as China, with a population of 1.3 billion people, then you absolutely need your own IT industry. I think that many companies find this awesome, but we at IBM consider this a great opportunity for ourselves, ”says Rometti.

    According to Reuters, agreeing to an offer from IBM, Chinese companies will be able to produce any high-tech products - from processors to servers with the appropriate software.

    IBM’s relationship with China has been going on for years. For example, back in 2005, IBM sold its personal computer division to Lenovo. Last August, the Chinese company Inspur took advantage of IBM's help in creating its own servers.

    But since 2015, a law on terrorism has entered into force in China, which obliges foreign IT companies that cooperate with China to provide bypass algorithms for security and encryption mechanisms and the ability to gain access to users' personal data.

    Was also adopteda law that requires foreign software developers to transfer the source code of their products. Only under such conditions will Chinese financial institutions be able to purchase this software.

    These measures are aimed at implementing the import substitution strategy in China.

    In connection with such tightening of the "rules of the game", American IT developers found it more profitable to create alliances with Chinese companies, and not just use them as a production base or distribution channels.

    So, last week IBM signed an agreement with the Chinese company Suzhou PowerCore Technology Co on licensing the design of IBM processors with the Power architecture. The new processor called CP1 will enter the line of the Chinese manufacturer Zoom Netcom. Details of the agreement are not yet known.

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