The 50,000 Best Blogs Earn $ 500 Million In 2006

    If your blog brings $ 833 per month - you can be proud, you have entered the elite of the global blogosphere. As a study of the blogosphere ( PDF ), conducted by the University of Texas in conjunction with the advertising blogging network Chitika , showed that the average blogger from the "elite" group of 50 thousand most popular blogs earns about this amount. True, the elite is the elite of strife, so even in this parent group the incomes of bloggers differ thousands of times.

    So, here are the key research results:
    1% of the best blogs control 20% of the advertising market
    5% of the best blogs control 50% of the advertising market
    10% of the best blogs control 80% of the advertising market
    15% of the best blogs control 90% of the advertising market

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