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    Hello! One very good man, a fierce cyclist and just a great designer, asked me to submit a project in the development of which, he and the development team put their whole soul and almost a year of personal time. Unfortunately, now he does not have enough karma to fill the post in the section himself, therefore all the advantages for the project, courage and willpower - only him: diamond .


    About a year ago, the idea came up to create a bicycle information project, which, firstly, will be simply interesting for both beginners and professionals; and secondly, it will be quite modern, convenient and functional to satisfy all the urgent needs of the participants.


    The first thing to think of was a simple recognizable symbol of the project. All that people usually associate with a bicycle is all sorts of variations on the topic of gears, profiles of fast-racing cyclists or chain links (less commonly). The decision to take as a basis a diamond-shaped frame consisting of two triangles. It didn’t come right away, but compared to it other options are not even worthy of mention. For inspiration from the studio clay, the local mascot of the project was cobbled together - a rather ambitious purposeful and promising cyclist on a road bike. The condition of his bike is rather deplorable, but still to go through the marathon " Paris - Brest - Paris " is not easy!

    Plasticine cyclist

    Much attention was paid to template interfaces, illustrations and photos for text materials. Such service pages as “page not found”, “ about the project ” and “ site map ” did not pass by . It’s hard to find a completely blank page on Velorama. Even in empty sections in a delicate and unobtrusive way, users are invited to participate in the content.

    No results were found for this request.


    As a platform for the development of such an information and social project, the DJEM system was chosen , the only system (from commercial) that natively supported all the basic functions to ensure the editorial work properly:
    - role cards (docflow);
    - flexible publishing system;
    - combination of static and dynamic content;
    - a complex diagram of the relationships of documents within the system;
    - quick integration with third-party developments;
    - An unlimited set of document fields and their relationship with each other;
    - flexibility of the structure and endless opportunities for development.

    about the project

    Velorama - this is not a social network and not LJ. This is primarily a reference resource. Of course, there are blogs, and communities, and internal posts, and friends, and friends. But at the same time, all user activity is supported by a good information base:
    - more than 1000 specialized terms and concepts in the dictionary , illustrated with high-quality diagrams and photographs;
    - A constantly updated library with detailed notes on historical subjects , as well as on setting up equipment , and on the features of the operation of bicycles;
    - a catalog consisting of 10,000 bicycles and components with photos and descriptions;
    - user reviews about components and bikes collected from various resources . Also, the project implements a number of custom tools that can be both useful and gaming. For example, a bicycle designer , where everyone can specify exactly on which components his bicycle is assembled, create a list of planned parts and calculate the total weight. Thus, not only a person becomes a participant in the “Velorama”, but also all his bicycles. After assembling the bike, you can demonstrate it to anyone by copying the export code to your website or to your online diary: In addition, there is a large section of events

    Front derailleur

    My bicycle

    , where users can plan both official events, weekend trips and joint visits to exhibitions, or simply invite friends to their birthday. For the sake of this, a Yandex-card system was integrated, where any participant can tell in detail about the planned and passed route or meeting place.

    In other words, the essence of Velorama is not just to provide a professional tool for communication, but to assemble a real knowledge base on cycling topics.


    From the editors of Velorama

    - historical materials;
    - recommendations and advice;
    - technical nuances and features of operation;
    - vocabulary;
    - famous bicycle manufacturers and brands;
    - coverage of events and competitions;
    - related news.

    The development of the resource can be endless - in the future there will be photo and video contests, bike ratings (the lightest, brightest, most harmonious, the most bmx), a database of routes and travels with coordinates, tips and tricks, reviews of components and tourist equipment , opening a section of used parts and connecting external trading platforms.

    From the participants of the “Velorama”

    - reviews of parts and bikes;
    - travel reports ;
    - reports on events ;
    - reviews of stores.

    We love our like-minded people. For users there are many opportunities for self-realization and contribution to the development of the resource. For example, reports from regional events, where we still can’t reach (photos, videos and reports), own experience (which ointment helps Kamchatka bears better, which is better to put in the shock absorber in winter, which rubber to put for Sochi downhill). As much as possible, the efforts of the editorial staff will be supplemented, formatted and published in the appropriate section of the library.


    Velorama is a unique project made with great love for cycling topics and for the development process itself. In which direction the project will develop and what it will ultimately come to, time will tell. In the meantime, we will try to make it truly interesting and useful.

    We will be glad to see all your feedback or errors found. They can be written right here or on the website in a special convenient form .

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