Typographer in FCKEditor

    Do you use FCKEditor and want your site to look good in terms of typography, but do not want to go somewhere every time? then this is for you, Plugin for FCKEditor which allows you to print directly in the editor.

    My plugin was taken as the basis: http://click1.ru/book/tipograf-plagin-k-redaktoru-fck , after he didn’t want to work with me, I had to finish it a little with pens, which resulted in my version of this plugin .

    Typography can be checked by Offline typographer , Online (Refer to the site) Typograf.ru typographers and Lebedev typographer .

    My changes:
    1. Minor flaws in php code (which was enough for me to drop php 5.3 with apache, and who needs varings and notifications in the logs);
    2. Updated offline printer version;
    3. Updated interfaces for online printers;
    4. A status indicator has been added (otherwise it is sometimes not clear what is happening now);
    5. Changed icon.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Download the plugin from here http://nvlad.com/files/typograf.7z ;
    2. Unzip to the directory / FCKEditor / editor / plugins /
    3. Add the plugin load FCKConfig.Plugins.Add ('typograf', 'en, ru') to the configuration file;
    4. Well, add the 'typograf' button to the right place on the Toolbar.

    I think someone will be useful as me.

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