Export contacts from Facebook to Google+

    A couple of days after the announcement of Google+, the first extension for Chrome has already appeared, which automates the export of contacts from Facebook to Google+. In four days , more than 17,000 people have installed the Facebook Friend Exporter extension .

    Source code for fb-exporter on github .

    With the advent of Google+, the social graph war that Google and Facebook has long waged has resumed . As you know, Facebook does not allow exporting a list of friends with postal addresses and prohibits the automatic collection of this data (paragraph 3.2 ToS ). The previous Chrome extension with similar functionality was blocked on Facebook and then deleted.from both Google Code and github. Let's see what Facebook will do this time (UPD: 05.07 application is blocked).

    At the same time, Google pointedly emphasizes the ability to export contacts ( Google Takeout ) and constantly advocates for "freedom of information."

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