Google launched

    Google has launched , which is entirely dedicated to a variety of contests with cash prizes. Anyone can post their contest and offer a prize. For example, choose a name for the startup ( $ 20 ) or develop a detailed route for traveling in Western Europe ( $ 50 ).

    The winner is determined by the organizer of the competition, and if he did not, then by the number of votes. Money is withdrawn to your PayPal account (minimum $ 50). The author of the answer with the maximum number of votes cast will receive a promotional badge. At the moment, the budget of the maximum competition is $ 50, and you can create a new competition only by invite.

    It is strange that you can register on the site only through Facebook or Twitter. After authorization, your followers and friends from Facebook and Twitter are imported there, so you can follow their contests or comments.

    It is also strange that Google itself did not announce the launch of the site. The reason may be that the site was developed by the Slide team , which was bought relatively recently, and in this way they demonstrate their independence from Google, even refused to make support for Google Account. Information about the developers of the project is in ToS .

    From FAQit is not clear at what stage the contest author should transfer money, apparently, at the time of registration of the contest. It is only said that when the deadline expires, you can extend the competition for another seven days for free. The FAQ also explains that the responses of the participants in the competition become the intellectual property of the author of the competition.

    It should be added that once Google had a similar Google Answers project , but it had to be closed due to low popularity.


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