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    Not so long ago, namely, about 2 months ago, another blog was launched on RuNet. Despite the fact that the Web has an immense number of blogs, the authors have real chances to occupy their niche.

    The blog is called RetailMedia , I liked it, and I joined the union of authors . I periodically write articles there.

    And now a little about the features of the new blog.

    From the description it follows that this is not just a corporate blog, but a blog dedicated specifically to effectiveness (emphasis is laid on this) in marketing and sales. Which is very nice. Now there are many different resources, but personally, I would like to read everything in one place, at least on one topic or from one industry.

    The blog discusses topics:

    - advertising
    - the Internet
    - information technologies for business
    - branding
    - communication
    - marketing (of course)
    - effectiveness in advertising
    - etc.

    It is very pleasing that the materials are updated almost daily, but at the same time there are no more than 2-3 publications, which allows you to digest information and even comment and engage in discussions.

    Who cares, you can visit and read.

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