RoboJournal and CarmaWidget, test!

    Dear Khabrovites and Khabrovites! Nixan has made two applications for Android OS for you. RoboJournal and CarmaWidget .

    Carma widget

    A simple application for true connoisseurs of Habr. Displays your karma and rating on the Android OS desktop.

    UPD: In the widget, when you click on the Habr icon, the information on the rating and karma is updated manually!

    You can get it here: CarmaWidget
    QR-code: image
    Well, or in a search on a martek write: CarmaWidget


    Client for blogs on under Android OS.


    What can:

    • logs in, loads userpics, and then you can safely post yourself offline.
    • determines the location in the form Country, City, Street, House. At the same time, this list can be set up if you are afraid that friends will find out where you live and they will bother you.
    • hide comments or disable them altogether.
    • make friendsonly or even a personal diary.

    We take here: RoboJournal
    QR-code: image
    Or we are looking at the Martek: RoboJournal or RoboJournal

    How did Nixan pay for it?
    - With his stomach, he drank 12 liters of Coca-Cola!
    - At least three sleepless nights, and the subsequent yawning over 9000 times at the institute.

    What “profit” did Nixan receive?
    - For the first night, he learned a lot of Java from scratch.

    PS Write reviews in the comments, especially if there are glitches!
    PPS Please! if you are minus, then write for what, even if it is “I want it so much”, your comments are important to us!
    PPPS Karmaviget sources can be found here

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