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    I would like to hear different opinions on one issue, which always pretty nibbles me.

    Situation: I am engaged in database development. For example, a certain scheme of work was invented, which I would very much like to discuss on the network, on the same hub But some points confuse:
    1. The idea, as usual, is simple to disgrace, and it is easily pulled by ANY more or less intelligent programmer in Delphi (or another language) + PHP implementation. The second point follows from this;
    2. Description of the implementation of the scheme of operation of the system with a guarantee are able to be stolen. Seeing the interface and the structure of the base to copy it is a matter of the week.

    The project will be really socially useful for the population. I’ll make a reservation right away that it’s not a social network in which the crowd exchanges photos with captions ... in general, the Comedy Club performed well on this issue, and it’s not just another file-sharing service, in general, there are 2 such projects for all CIS countries, and they work in Moscow and “ cancer. " Analogs have been implemented for a long time (5-6 years ago), but not one of them provides a normal working circuit and has not been developed for several years, and not because it is not profitable, but because of the initially incorrect working scheme.

    Orientation to the legislation of Ukraine and Russia is equally ridiculous, because "our laws protect themselves."

    In reality, I see only a few exits in such situations:
    1. Absolutely 100% implementation is independent or local-regional. Further development of the project in its region. Accumulation of funds for exit, for example, the capital (Kiev) market. The accumulation of funds. Exit to the whole country.
    2. If you can’t fully implement the project yourself, then score on the project, or learn the less-learned, and again return to the first point. But time is running out, too.

    On the other hand, it is precisely the “society” that can help to quickly implement and test the system, and the entrance to the market will not be in six months, but in a month and a half.

    Who does what in these situations?

    UPD: Please, I would like to hear not a flame, but still a discussion and addition of an urgent problem.

    UPD # 2:Change the name of the topic to "Everything is new - well-stolen old"? :)

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