Looking for javascript tagging

    I’m looking for my “Notes” (a project on Google Code , a topic on Habré ) already written JavaScript code with search by tags in entries on a page that does not require a server side. My implementation on ~ 250 notes began to slow down, and I do not consider myself so experienced in JavaScript to do optimization. Honestly, I already tried to optimize, but it did not help. Yes, and the invention of bicycles is a thing that is useful for training, but not for use in production :)

    My script can be viewed on the project website, namely here . Any criticism of the code is also strongly welcome. Thanks in advance.

    UPD: Used the advice of the habracheloveka no_smoking, cleaned the code from the traces of previous optimization attempts, used the return value of the jQuery.append () function, discovered the profiler in Firebug. Subtotal - an increase in speed by about two times.

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