Xdrive resigns.

    January 12, 2009 AOL forever closes the Xdrive project , and with it the BlueString project . Up to this point, all pre-registered users have the opportunity to download their data back.

    Let me remind you that Xdrive was a network storage, like Microsoft SkyDrive. Its biggest advantages were:

    - 5Gb for free accounts.
    Each registered user had the opportunity to store data on the Xdrive 5 GB, without restrictions on the size of one file. Paid accounts naturally had more space.

    - Ability to work with it as a regular drive under Windows.
    Yes, that was one of the biggest pluses. When installing a special program, your disk on Xdrive became visible in the "My Computer" window as a regular disk. It had its own letter (unlike GMailDrive) and with it it was possible to do any operations, as with a regular hard drive. It was very convenient for backups of various kinds and various automation.

    You can download Xdrive files both through the Web interface on the site, and through the client program. You can download all the files from the BlueString system in their original format, via the same Xdrive (since both projects use a common platform)

    I am sorry that this service was bent.
    I have not found an alternative to it so far. If someone knows, please tell me. The key features for me are 5 GB, the ability to assign a drive letter and the ability to upload a file there with a simple command copy.

    Xdrive Online Storage

    UPD: Dear artleg offers LiveDrive service . This seems to be what you need. The only “but” is that it again stores the files locally and synchronizes them with the server (judging by the possibility of “Work offline”). Perhaps she turns off - did not have time to look.

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