Yellowsn0w - promised soft unlock for iPhone 3G

    Well, today Dev-Team, as promised (and also showed ), uploaded an unlock for Cydia to 3G and now locked phones can be used with any operator.
    For example, this means that now you can safely buy inexpensive iPhones from the USA from intermediaries and use them anywhere.

    Actually, who needs it, everything can be read in the release .
    I will highlight the main:
    • It works only on the firmware of the modem 02.28.00 which is actually included in update 2.2
    • The program itself is an autorun daemon
    • Available in Cydia and Installer (if anyone else uses it ...):

    1. Cydia source:
    2. Installer repo:

    Threat Topics in thematic conferences:


    UPD It is expected that the version is quite crude, so putting it without special need is not recommended yet ... Although, if done carefully , it usually works ( tyts ). But you can run into problems up to a flashing ...
    UPD According to reviews, version 0.9.4 beta can be set much more calmly.

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