Reduce RAM consumption in Firefox 2

    We already know that in the third version of Firefox there will be much less memory, but what about the owners of the deuce. And you can do the following:

    • Disable unnecessary extensions
    • Enable memory deallocation while minimizing
    • Properly configure the cache


    The first thing to do is disable unnecessary extensions. The optimal number of extensions is from 5 to 10, although I personally use more. In addition, there are extensions that lead to memory leaks: Adblock, Fasterfox, IE Tab, Session Saver, Adblock (you should use Adblock Plus instead ) - the source .

    Configuring the cache and freeing memory

    Open the page about: config and change or create (right-click) the following values:

    • config.trim_on_minimize value of type boolean set to true (works only for Windows)
    • browser.cache.memory.capacity integer value set to 16384
    • set browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers of type integer to 0

    Links (in English)

    There is information on fine tuning memory in Firefox

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