"Parallels." Prologue

    With this long post I want to start a sort of cycle of short stories “Parallels”, which I am writing right now. There will be no main character as such, just separate stories in a single universe.

    Presentation of April 2, 2015.
    People. Now few of us believe in the existence of someone who looks at us from heaven, directs us, rewards and punishes us.

    But we want to be gods, we want to control as much as possible and more essential things. If not in this world, then at least in a fantasy.

    Today, our team wants to present a revolutionary project in the world of electronic entertainment, Parallels.
    "Parallels" is the whole world, our entire planet. Now it’s just a copy of our reality with you, minus the fact that the “Parallels” are not there. Thanks to the latest developments of our friends from Adamdoo, we can imitate the behavior of each person in the new world, following the principles of ordinary human behavior.

    Each user of "Parallels" gets his personal "cast", which he follows and through the eyes of which he sees his world. You can control his actions. Not like it's a puppet, no. You simply direct him on the path that you have chosen for him. Let's say you want the "cast" to go to the military. You, being his inner voice, say to him: "But do not you go to war?" He will most likely listen, unless due to some circumstances this decision will be perceived negatively (upbringing, previous replicas of the “voice”).

    Each user gets the opportunity to change the life of the "cast". But the “loudness" or influence of the inner voice will change, depending on the gratitude or indignation towards the "cast" because of your actions.

    Several users, with the greatest “karma” or simply noticed by our team, will be provided with those same “divine powers”. Having received the status of "Demiurge", you will decide whether a meteorite the size of the Moscow Ring Road should fall on Moscow or the scientists of the Parallels world will find a cure for AIDS.

    "Parallels" - an opportunity to be a god, which many have dreamed of. Now you will not find differences between our and the parallel world, but in a year you can see how the world would look if you were the god.

    The doors to this magical world will open in a few minutes when electronic entertainment stores open. And now we are happy to answer all your questions.

    I will gladly accept criticism.
    Original at zemlan.in

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