Competition "Native speech" - a week before the start!

    Dear developers contest participants! There is only one week left before opening access to the competition base!


    You have seven more days to study a problem, an example, ask all questions of interest on the forum and tune in a creative way!
    Do not forget to officially register on the portal: detailed instructions are here .

    We remind you that the contest participants will have to create a workable algorithm for converting the recognized phoneme sequence into text that complies with the norms of the Russian language. You can read more about the competition task in our previous post .

    The task is not trivial, and therefore, the organizers will help participants at all stages of the competition. Your questions in the process of working on an algorithm for converting a sequence of phonemes into readable text can be on the forum .

    Laureates will receive: 120,000 for first place, iPhone 5 for second, iPad4 for third, and all the joboffers from the MDGs.


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